Articles by four Harvard Law faculty were selected in an annual poll of corporate and securities law professors as three of the ten best corporate and securities articles of 2021.

This year’s Harvard Law faculty winners include Professor Mark Roe ’75, for his article “Corporate Purpose and Corporate Competition“; Professor Lucian Bebchuk LL.M. ’80 S.J.D. ’84 and Lecturer on Law Roberto Tallarita S.J.D. ’18 for their  article “The Illusory Promise of Stakeholder Governance“; and Lecturer on Law Kobi Kastiel LL.M. ’08 S.J.D. ’16 for his article “The Giant Shadow of Corporate Gadflies,” co-written with University of Wisconsin Law School Associate Professor Yaron Nili LL.M.’08 and S.J.D. ’15.

The top ten articles were selected from a field of nearly 400 articles published in legal journals during 2021. In the 29th annual poll by Corporate Practice Commentator, teachers in corporate and securities law were asked to select the best corporate and securities articles from a list of articles published in legal journals during 2021. Because of ties there are 11 articles on this year’s list.

Of the remaining articles on the top ten list, three were written or co-written by Harvard Law alumni. They include:

Beyond Beholden,” by Da Lin ’13, an assistant professor at University of Richmond School of Law.

The Corporate Governance Machine,” co-written by Dorothy S. Lund ’13, an associate professor of law at USC Gould School of Law,  and Elizabeth Pollman.

The Failed Regulation of U.S. Treasury Markets,” by Vanderbilt Law School Professor Yesha Yadav LL.M. ’09, associate dean and Robert Belton Director of Diversity, Equity and Community.