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Private Law

  • John Goldberg: on ‘Inexcusable Wrongs’, Torts, and Private Law

    September 1, 2015

    Harvard Law School Professor John C.P. Goldberg, an expert in tort law, tort theory, and political philosophy, recently discussed some of the work that he’s done at HLS as well as a forthcoming book on torts that he is co-authoring with Fordham Law School Professor Benjamin C. Zipursky.

  • Professors Smith and Goldberg reinvigorate the study of Private Law at HLS

    March 2, 2011

    HLS Professors John Goldberg and Henry Smith are working to reinvigorate the study of contracts, torts, and property with the new Private Law Workshop, which they co-teach as part of the Project on the Foundations of Private Law at Harvard Law School. The workshop, said Goldberg, is “an opportunity to introduce students to some of the emerging literature that’s aiming to rethink the significance of private law in modern legal systems.”