Amalia Amaya LL.M. ’00 S.J.D. ’07 has been awarded the European Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Legal Theory. The award is given every three years by the European Academy of Legal Theory in Brussels.

The dissertation will be published as a book by Hart Publishing Ltd (Oxford), and Amaya has been invited to teach a seminar at the Academy on her dissertation topic.

The title of the dissertation is “An Inquiry into the Nature of Coherence and Its Role in Legal Argument.”

“I am deeply grateful to the Graduate Program for the sustained support during all the years that I was at Harvard,” Amaya wrote in an email to HLS Professor William Alford, vice dean for the graduate program and international legal studies. “It would have been simply impossible for me to do this research without the wonderful libraries, the exciting academic atmosphere, and the supportive personal environment I had the privilege to enjoy at Harvard.”