Harvard Law School Professor Bill Alford was part of a delegation, led by Harvard President Lawrence Summers, that recently traveled to China to meet with President Jiang Zemin and other political and academic leaders of the PRC. The meeting with President Jiang, which was held at the leadership’s Zhongnanhai compound, lasted more than an hour and a half and covered a broad spectrum of issues ranging from the Chinese environment to the role of liberal arts education to the likely impact of the WTO and China on one another.

While in China, Alford, the head of the Law School’s East Asian Legal Studies Program, delivered talks at the China University of Politics and Law and at the Association of Harvard University Alumni Clubs of Asia meeting. The visit also included a meeting with the United States Ambassador to China, Clark T. Randt, Jr., an alumnus of the East Asian Legal Studies program.

Alford has traveled to China on numerous occasions in recent years, including a trip with Arnold Schwarzenegger to help Chinese officials develop a Special Olympics program.

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