Here is a roundup of fellowships and scholarships awarded this year to Harvard Law School students and recent graduates to pursue domestic and international work or educational opportunities. The list includes the names of the recipients, their grants, and the places where they will be working:

Beagle Fellowship: The Beagle/HLS Fellowship provides graduating HLS students and recent alumni with a two-year funded litigation position at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Andres Restrepo ’10, National Resource Defense Counsel, Washington D.C.

Blakemore Freeman Fellowship: Blakemore Freeman Fellowships fund a year of advanced language study abroad for graduates who will need to be fluent in East or Southeast Asian languagse in their careers.  

James Jackson ’11, Inter-University Program, Beijing, China

Borchard Fellowship:

Rachel Frazier ’10, National Senior Citizens’ Law Center and Whitman-Walker Clinic, Washington, D.C.

Capital Appeals Project (CAP) Fellowship: The CAP Fellowship allows students to learn the intricacies of death penalty jurisprudence, working with a nonprofit law office established to provide representation to indigent defendants sentenced to death in Louisiana.

Michael Admirand ’10

Chayes International Public Service Fellowship  Chayes Fellowships provide Harvard Law School students with the opportunity to spend 8 weeks engaged in international public service within the governments of developing nations and those making difficult transitions to peace, stability, and democracy, as well as the inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations that support them

Anthony Aminoff ’12, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Netherlands
Evelyn Atkinson ’12, Center for Human Rights, Chile
David Attanasio ’12, Center for the Study of Law, Justice and Society, Colombia
Nina Catalano ’12,Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship, Brazil
Stephen Cha-Kim ’11,Trade Union Advisory Committee to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, France
Kerala Cowart ’11, Human Rights Law Network, India
Laura-Kate Denny ’12, International Justice Mission, South Asia
Marcus Eldridge ’12, Office of the United States Trade Representative, Washington, DC
Jason Gelbort ’13, Public International Law and Policy Group, Washington, DC
Eliza Golden ’11, INTERIGHTS, England
Ben Hoffman ’11,Center for Constitutional Rights, New York
James Kingman ’12, Open Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa
Tor Krever ’11,
Special Court for Sierra Leone, The Netherlands
Taylor Landis ’11, International Rescue Committee, Liberia
Lillian Langford ’13, United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, Cambodia
Teel Lidow ’12, World Food Programme, Italy
Clara Long ’12, International Rescue Committee, Thailand
Aaron Marcus ’12, Legal Empowerment Centre, Kenya
Maggie Morgan ’11, Asylum Access, Tanzania
David Palko ’12, Constitutionl Court of Kosovo
Petko Peev ’12, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, England
Nicholas Renzler ’12, Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense, Colombia
Daniel Saver ’12, United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, Cambodia
Tazneen Shahabuddin ’12,  Amnesty International, New York
Anna Stancu ’12, Council of Europe, France
Brett Stark ’12, Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Elizabeth Summers ’12, Legal Assistance Centre, Namibia
David Williams ’12, National Prosecuting Authority, South Africa

DAAD German Fellowship: DAAD Study Scholarships provide highly qualified individuals with an opportunity to do independent study in Germany or to complete a full master’s degree program at a German university. 

Ryan Citlau ’10, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz

Department of Justice Honors Program: The Honors program grants the recipient an entry-level attorney position at the Department of Justice, a post available solely through this selective process.

Monique Abrishami ’09, Criminal Division, Public Integrity Section
Kate Bowers ’09, Environment and Natural Resources Division
Tona Boyd ’09, Civil Rights Division
Jonathan Calkins
Jonathan Cooper
Gregory Dworkowitz ’09,
Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch
Rachel Evans
Renee Gerber
Adam Jed ’08
Fred Medick ’08
, Criminal Division, Fraud Section
Andrea Saenz
Weili Shaw ’09
Andrew Zee

Equal Justice Works Fellowship: The Equal Justice Works Fellowships Program provides two-year salary and loan repayment assistance, and a national training program for lawyers working on innovative legal projects.

Sarah Belton ’09, Legal Services for Children, San Francisco
Gina Clayton ’10, Neighborhood Defender, Harlem, N.Y.
Amanda Wittenstein ’10, KidsVoice, Pittsburgh

Fulbright Scholarship: Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Fulbright Program provides funding for students to undertake graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools.

Bradford Adams ’11, Guinea, Burundi
Robert Alcala ’04, Philippines
Alonzo Emery ’10, China
Zoila Hinson ’09, Namibia

George J. Mitchell Scholarship: The Mitchell Scholars Program, a national competitive fellowship sponsored by the US-Ireland Alliance, is designed to connect future American leaders to Ireland, while recognizing and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to public service.

Deirdre Mask ’08, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

George Lindsay Civil Rights Legal Fellowship: Sponsored by The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, The Lindsay Fellowship familiarizes recent law school graduates with civil rights practice under the guidance of leading experts at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Washington, D.C.

Abigail Shafroth ’09, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, Washington D.C.

Henigson Fellowship: The Henigson Human Rights Fellowship provides financial assistance for one year in order to enable students to make a valuable contribution to human rights and build human rights work into their careers.

Alison Davidian LLM ’10
Jan Fiala LLM ’10

Heyman Fellowship: The Heyman Fellowship Program offers fellowship grant and loan repayment assistance so that those who want to work in the federal government can more easily do so, and also provides fellows with a supportive peer community of HLS graduates in federal public service.

Chiraag Bains ’08, Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Washington D.C.
Catherine Black ’08, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, Washington D.C.
Mike Borgia ’10, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Legal Honors Program, Washington D.C.
Kate Bowers ’09, Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division, Washington D.C.
Tona Boyd ’10, Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Washington D.C.
Andrew Crespo ’08, Public Defender Service, Washington D.C. (Fellowship deferred pending completion of clerkship with Justice Elena Kagan)
Greg Dworkowitz ’09,  Department of Justice, Federal Programs Branch Civil Division, Washington D.C.
Hershel Eisenberger ’10, House of Representatives, Office of Legislative Counsel, Washington D.C.
Leslie Goemaat ’09, Department of Justice, Tax Division, Washington D.C.
Jeremy Kress ’10, Federal Reserve Board, Legal Division, Washington D.C.
Kathryn Legomosky ’10, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Legal Honors Program, Washington D.C.
Sarah Marcus ’08, Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor, Washington D.C.
Fred Medick ’08, Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Washington D.C.
Balaji Narain ’10, Executive Office of the President, National Economic Council, Washington D.C.; U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Economic Policy
Matthew Perault ’08, Congressional Oversight Panel, Washington D.C.
Neha Sheth ’10, Department of State Justice, Office of the Legal Adviser, Washington D.C.
Saritha Tice ’09, National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Oil Drilling
Juan Valdivieso ’09, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Immigration and Civil Rights Counsel, Washington D.C.
Grayson Walker ’10, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Chicago, IL
Kathy Wong ’08, Department of Justice, Tax Division, Washington D.C.

Holmes Fellowship: Harvard Law School’s Holmes Public Service Fellowship funds one year of public service work for graduating 3Ls during 2010-2011. These fellowships support a year of law-related work at a domestic or international nonprofit or government agency.

Rehan Abeyratne ’10, International Justice Network, New York, NY
Ilan Goldbard ’10, NYC Law Department, Special Federal Litigation Division, New York, NY
Conor Kennedy ’10, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Washington, D.C.
Titus Lin ’10, Louisiana Justice Institute, New Orleans, LA
Komala Ramachandra ’10, Accountability Project, San Francisco, CA and Lima, Peru
Hillary Weinstein Steinbrook ’10, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
Stephanie Finn Guthrie ’10. King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Seattle, WA
Jennifer MacLeod LLM ’10, Social Economic Rights Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa

HRP Global Human Rights Fellowship: The HRP Global Human Rights Fellowship, offered through the Human Rights Program (HRP) of Harvard Law School, supports recent HLS graduates’ human rights work with a non-governmental, intergovernmental, or governmental organization outside of the United States for a period of 12 months.

Maeve O’Rourke LLM ’10

Initiative in the Public Interest Fellowship:

Cara Suvall ’10, Bronx Defenders, New York City, New York

Irving R. Kaufman Fellowship: The Kaufman Fellowship is intended as an award to graduating Harvard Law School students and recent alumni/ae who demonstrate the potential for outstanding careers in public service.  These fellowships provide a one-year salary for a 3L or judicial clerk to work at the organization of his or her choice.

Craig Altemose  ’10, Better Future Project, Cambridge, MA
Samantha Crane ’09, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, Washington, D.C.
Celina-Beatriz Mendes De Almeida LLM ’10, Human Rights Watch, New York, NY
Noga Firstenberg ’10, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, San Francisco, CA
Shannon Erwin ’10, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Boston, MA

National Center on Philanthropy and the Law (NCPL) Fellowship in Nonprofit Law at New York University: The NCPL Fellowship in Nonprofit Law provides a law school graduate with exposure to an unusually wide variety of legal and organizational issues encountered by nonprofit organizations, permitting one Fellow annually to work at the Office of the General Counsel at New York University.

Jim Bickford ’10, New York, New York

Presidential Management Fellowship: The Presidential Management Fellows Program, providing for a two year appointment at a federal agency, is designed to attract to Federal service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs.

Bruce Arthur ’10, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington D.C.
Ashwin Krishnan ’10, Department of Homeland Security, Washington D.C
Michael Posner ’10, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington D.C.
Ezekiel Reich ’10, Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington D.C.
Anne Siders ’10, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington D.C.

Prettyman Fellowship in Public Defense: The E. Barrett Prettyman Fellowships are awarded to outstanding recent law graduates, who are selected to participate in a two-year program leading to the LL.M. degree, awarding a stipend each year, in addition to full tuition and fees.

Jake Howard ’09, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Redstone Fellowship: The Redstone Fellowships at Harvard Law School support students who wish to pursue post-graduate public service.

Caroline Bredeson ’10, Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office, Minneapolis, MN
Leah Cohen ’10, Harvard Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, Cambridge, MA
Sarah Downer ’10, WilmerHale Legal Services Center, Passageway Health Law Collaborative, Jamaica Plain, MA
Lawrence Horsburgh ’10,WilmerHale Legal Services Center, Predatory Lending and Bankruptcy Unit, Jamaica Plain, MA
Annie Levin ’10, Catholic Charities Community Services, New York, NY
Anna Myles-Primakoff ’10, Children’s Law Center, Washington, DC
Pablo Svirsky ’10, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Boston, MA
Jonathan Taylor ’10, Public Citizen Litigation Group, Washington, D.C.
Leigh Ann Webster ’10, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Immigration Justice Project, Atlanta, GA

Rotary Foundation, Ambassadorial Scholarship: The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas. The program sponsors academic year scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies.

Kelly Tallon ’10, Australia, Master of Laws, University of New South Wales

Safra Fellowship in Ethics: The Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics graduate fellowship offers a stipend for the duration of the academic year, to support outstanding Harvard-enrolled graduate and professional students who are engaged in major research on topics in practical ethics.

Maria Banda ’10

Satter Fellowship: The Satter Human Rights Fellowship offers a stipend enabling fellows to spend one year after graduation working predominantly outside the United States in a developing country, working with organizations promoting human rights defense in response to mass atrocity or widespread and severe patterns of rights abuse

Regina Fitzpatrick ’08, Carter Center, Sudan

Sheldon Seevak Fellowship: The Seevak Fellowship offers one fully-funded fellowship to a graduating Harvard Law School student who demonstrates the potential for an outstanding career in public service, and who has obtained or arranged a public interest position that furthers democracy through the improvement of American elections or the voting process.

Laura Thorson Meyer ’10, Demos, Boston

Kennedy/Knox/Sheldon Traveling Fellowship: Sinclair Kennedy Traveling Fellowships provide purposeful travel, study and work opportunities outside of the U.S. for students who have completed at least a full year of graduate study at Harvard. Frederick Sheldon Traveling Fellowships offer funds for travel for those involved in public interest research or work benefiting others by publication or teaching. The Frank Knox Memorial Traveling Fellowships provide for a full year of travel, work, or study abroad in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

Robert Acala ’10, Philippines
Matt Bugher ’10, Amnesty International
Marcus Eldridge ’11, China
Alonzo Emery ’10, China
Clara Long ’11, Sierra Leone, Burundi
Shunko Rojas LLM ’07, Latin America

Skadden Fellowship: The Skadden Fellowship Foundation helps graduating law students who wish to devote their professional lives to providing legal services to those in need, as well as those deprived of their civil or human rights. The Skadden Fellowship aims to give Fellows the freedom to pursue public interest work by providing two years of salary, benefits, and law school debt service for the duration of the fellowship.

Jenna Statfeld ’10, Education Law Center, Newark, NJ

South Brooklyn Legal Services Fellowship:

Molly Thomas-Jensen ’08, New York City, New York

Skirnick Fellowship: The Skirnicks Fellowship, providing a one-year salary for a 3L to work at the organization of his or her choice, is designed to achieve an immediate impact on the lives of the people served by the programs where the Fellows will be working and to develop public interest law leaders and practitioners of tomorrow.

Al Sahlstrom ’10, Earthjustice, Denver, CO

Winokur Foundation Delta Fellowship: 

Alexis Chernak ’10

Project on Justice, Welfare, and Economics, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University

Iain Frame S.J.D.