Today the U.S. Postal Service issued four new 44-cent stamps, commemorating Supreme Court Justices Joseph Story,Louis Brandeis 1877, Felix Frankfurter 1906, and William Brennan Jr. ’31.

Story, who studied law before HLS’s founding, became its first Dane Professor of Law in 1829. In addition to being an alumnus, Frankfurter was a law professor at HLS from 1914 until his appointment to the Court in 1939.

Today, a commemoration ceremony was held at the Supreme Court, with Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. ’79 joining Postmaster General John Potter and Washington, D.C., Postmaster Yverne Moore for the dedication.

Thurgood Marshall Jr., the son of Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, also attended. Marshall was honored with a stamp in 2003.

[Note: Joseph Story’s residence in Salem, Massachusetts was recently purchased and restored by Harvard Law School alumnus Neil Chayet ’63, known nationwide for his syndicated radio segments, “Looking at the Law.” See the story here, from Northshore Magazine]