Cambridge University Press has published a festschrift paying tribute to Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Detlev Vagts ’51, expert on international law, whose career at HLS has spanned more than a half century.

Making Transnational Law Work in the Global Economy: Essays in Honour of Detlev Vagts” brings together contributions from colleagues at HLS—including Professors William Alford ’77 and Henry Steiner ’55—and at the American Society of International Law, as well as from other academics, judges and practitioners, many of them his former students.

The collection, edited by Pieter Bekker LL.M. ’91, Rudolf Dolzer LL.M. ’76, S.J.D. 78 and Michael Waibel LL.M. ’08, covers the spectrum of modern transnational law, from international law in general to transnational economic law to transnational lawyering and dispute resolution.

The contributors evaluate established fields of transnational law, such as the protection of property and investment, and explore new areas of law such as global administrative law and the regulation of cross-border lawyering.

In early December, the editors presented a copy to Vagts at a ceremony held at HLS.