New York University honored Harvard Law School Professor Laurence H. Tribe on April 15 at a ceremony dedicating its 2002 Survey of American Law to Tribe. The dedication award, an annual event at NYU since 1944, was given in 2000 to former Senator George Mitchell, in 1999 to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in 1998 to Attorney General Janet Reno, and, in other recent years, to three of the current members of the Supreme Court (Justices John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Other notable honorees have included Justice Harry A. Blackmun (1990), Justice Thurgood Marshall (1983), and Justice William J. Brennan (1981). The only other Harvard professors previously honored with this award have been Law School Dean Roscoe Pound in 1947 and Professor Austin Wakeman Scott in 1960.

Speaking at the dedication in Tribe’s honor were, among others, Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer, Stanford Law School Dean Kathleen Sullivan, and New York University President-designate John Sexton.