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This page is designed to help you contact your lenders and servicers during repayment, or when you are preparing to begin repayment. It contains contact information for the various lenders through which you may have borrowed during your time at Harvard Law School. This is not, however, an exhaustive list. In general, you will receive your bills electronically unless you have opted to receive a monthly paper bill or voucher. Your account number is assigned to you by your lender. If you do not have your account number, most lenders will be able to locate your loan history by using your social security number or other identifying factors.

The dashboard (FSA login required) is your best resource for your federal loans and the SFS Portal’s Borrowing History page for your overall borrowing history while at HLS. Keep in mind that all of your loans are reported to one or all of the three major credit reporting companies. By viewing all of your credit reports, you should have a complete history of your loan borrowing for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

HLS Institutional Loans

Your Harvard ID# is your account #

Student Loan Office
(617) 495-3782 / (800) 315-7192

Department of Education Federal Direct Unsubsidized (Stafford) and GradPLUS Loan Programs

You will be assigned a servicer – refer to to find your specific lender servicer information or call 1-800-433-3243. You will need your FSA login to view your loan history. Please note that this website does not list your HLS or private student loans. Contact information for federal Direct Loan servicers can be found on the Identifying Your Servicer section on

The U.S. Department of Education offers a helpful publication regarding the repayment of your loans at Direct Loan Basics for Students.

Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU) Loans

UAS is the servicer for HUECU loans. Information about repayment can be found on the HUECU website.

College Ave Student Loans

Visit for your College Ave loans. More information about repayment can be found on their website.