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Every graduating J.D. student who has borrowed federal and/or private loans is required to have a 3L Student Loan Repayment meeting with representatives from Student Financial Services prior to graduation. These loan repayment sessions, often referred to as Exit Counseling,  take place during the spring of your 3L year. If you have not yet attended one of our institutionally, federally, and ABA mandated loan repayment sessions, please review the list of available sessions and mark your calendar for the one that best fits your schedule.

Registration, Session Dates, Technical Requirements, & Deadlines

  • Registration

    There is no limit to the number of students who can attend any one session. You do not need to reserve a space for the session, however, you will need to register – you can simply login a few minutes before the session begins and complete the registration at that time. The session will begin at the scheduled time and you need to be in attendance for the full session in order for it to meet the ABA attendance requirement.

  • Session Dates

    Exit sessions will take place at the following times via Zoom  – please refer to your email for the Zoom link

    • No dates available at this time, check back in March 2025 for 2024-25 exit session dates
  • Technical requirements for the session

    • The session is recommended to be accessed from a computer since there will be a presentation and slide deck to read
    • Federal Loan borrowers may also wish to have their FSA username and password (the same as for accessing the FAFSA) available during the session in order to log in and follow along

  • Deadlines

    Student Financial Services is charged with helping you meet three graduation requirements by May 1:

    • Student Loan Repayment Counseling – attend a session
    • Student Loan Repayment Data Collection – complete online forms
    • Student Account Collection – bring balance due to zero

    Once you have met all three of these requirements, we will clear you for graduation. Please note that tickets for graduation exercises and diplomas will be placed on hold for students who do not meet these federal, institutional, and ABA requirements.