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The J.D. financial aid program is designed to help students from across the economic spectrum and around the world meet the expense of a law school education while preserving career choice options in the broadest range of law-related and public service fields. International students (any students who are not U.S. Citizens or non-citizens eligible for federal student aid) can apply for HLS need-based grant and loan assistance, and financial aid eligibility is determined using the same need-based approach that applies to students who are U.S. citizens. International graduates of the HLS J.D. program are also eligible to participate in the Low Income Protection Plan.

Applying for Aid

The application for international students is substantially the same as that for domestic students. After you are admitted, we will email you directions to log into the SFS Self-Service Portal, our secure online financial aid system. In the SFS Self-Service Portal you will submit the Student Application form, which will then create a personalized list of requirements. For more details on the application process, visit the Apply For Aid Overview.

Student Budget and Need

International students have the same standard student budget as domestic students. Financial need is determined and aid is determined according to the same formula used for domestic students.

Aid Packages and Funding Options

Like domestic students, international students who demonstrate financial need in excess of the Grant eligibility threshold will see their provisional financial aid eligibility includes Grant eligibility. The School may also provide a limited amount of institutional loan funding for Grant eligible students, based on financial need.  The remaining cost, up to the standard student budget, can be financed with a loan from a private source. Our Preferred Lender List for International Students provides additional loan options with no U.S. cosigner required, and many other lenders offer loans to international students who have an approved U.S. co-signer.