The Hague, Netherlands

During her time at HLS, Ikram Ais worked as Co-Director of Activism at Harvard Law School Advocates for Human Rights, a Class Marshal, and a student attorney at the International Human Rights Clinic. Ikram previously had a large experience working for non-profits in Europe and North Africa. Prior to Law School she served as Project Coordinator Assistant of the MENA Region for CRISP e.V in Germany. Moreover, Ikram worked as a Human Rights Educator for Amnesty International Algeria. She was a lecturer on law at the faculty of Economics at the University of Oran 2 and a legal advisor to Sub-Saharan and Syrian migrants and refugees in Algeria. In addition, Ikram was elected to serve as the Vice Chair and Spokesperson for Amnesty International Algeria after founding a youth group and expanding the NGO in the western side of the country. Ikram’s strong understanding of the MENA region and its conflicts allowed her to build different initiatives between different NGOs, to increase the youth engagement in civil society and to promote human rights. Ais is an awardee of the MEPI Student Leaders Program funded by the U.S State Department and the Cross Culture Program sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office. At Harvard Law School, she spent her time focusing on the connections between constitutional structures, government, business, and a healthy human rights climate. She also holds a bachelor degree in Public Law from the University of Oran 2: Mohamed Ben Ahmed.