Dear Alums! 
Alumni Speak is a series of reflections from our public interest alumni. Periodically throughout the year, we share with students your thoughts on law school, life, jobs, and getting it all done with resilience, intentionality, and confidence.   

This series is a resounding success!  We hear from students that your messages come at just the right time to help them navigate the many challenging aspects of law school and career planning.  

Please help us build this series even further by sharing more wisdom! 

  1. Work-Life Balance: How do you manage the demands of your job while having a life outside of work?  What are your strategies?  What advice do you have for a student who is focused on finding the right balance? 
  2. How I Got My First Post-Graduate Public Interest Job/Fellowship:  What would you say was the most important step to landing your first public interest job/fellowship (excluding clerkships)? Who or what helped you along the way?  How did you manage the search with demands of school/your current job and life?   

Please submit content through our Alumni Speak Survey. Please note that we may edit content slightly for format or style but will endeavor to maintain the spirit of your message.  As always, we are grateful for your support of OPIA and our students. Our public interest community has a strong history of paying it forward and we appreciate your help to guide the next generation of lawyers!