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The Spring Interview Program (SIP) is an opportunity for private sector employers to interview 1Ls and 2Ls for summer 2024 employment opportunities, as well as 3Ls for permanent post-graduation employment.

Interview Dates

Virtual interviews will take place January 29 – February 7, 2024, between 9 am and 7 pm EST.

General Information

  • Interview Duration

    An interview schedule consists of either 20 interviews lasting 20 minutes each or 13 interviews lasting 30 minutes each.

  • Callback or Second Round Interviews

    There is no designated callback period for SIP; callback interviews should be scheduled so that they do not conflict with student class times. Please note that employers should coordinate directly with students regarding second-round interviews.

  • Offers

    Once an offer is extended, students are typically granted two weeks to decide upon the offer.

  • Fees

    The registration fee for the first interview schedule is $150, with no fee for additional schedules.

    There is no fee for resume collections.

    Government and non-profit employers are exempt from all fees.

Important Dates

November 13Employer registration opens.
January 2Employer registration period closes.
January 5 (on or before)SIP interview dates released to employers with complete registrations.
January 9 – 16Students bid for SIP interviews.
January 16 – 18Employers review number of bids submitted by students and confirm participation in the program.
January 24 (in the afternoon)Interview schedules & resumes released to employers.
January 29 – February 7Virtual Interviews
February 5 – February 9Students bid for SIP resume collections.
February 9Resumes released to employers participating in the SIP Resume Collection.
March 11 – 15Spring break


  • Registration Options

    Your organization can register for an interview schedule or a resume collection.

  • How to Register


    Select the [Account] tab from the left side navigation in Symplicity.

    Review your account information, correct inaccuracies and complete all required fields.

    Click [Submit].


    Select the [OCI] tab, followed by [Schedule Request] on the drop down.

    Click the [Request A Schedule] button.

    Choose either “SIP 2024 Virtual OCI- Private Sector” or “SIP 2024 Resume Collections – Private Sector” from the Session drop down menu.

    Complete the required fields and be sure to indicate preferred date(s). We will do our best to accommodate date requests but cannot guarantee a date in advance.

    Click the [Submit] button to finalize your request.

  • View Your Interview Date

    Provided that your registration is complete, assigned interview dates will be confirmed by email and appear in the [Confirmed Schedules] tab in Symplicity no later than January 5, 2024.

  • Post-Registration Requirements

    From January 16 to 18, 2024 you will have the opportunity to review the number of students who bid to interview with your organization. OCS will contact you with the relevant bid information that will allow you to finalize your organization’s interview schedule.

Resume Collections

If your organization is unable to participate in virtual SIP interviews, we encourage you to register for a resume collection instead. Students submit resumes & transcripts to employers of their choosing and the application results are released to employers on February 9, 2024. Register in Symplicity.


HLS maintains a strict no-prescreening policy, which means employers are not permitted to ask for resumes or transcripts in order to select students for interviews. Interviews are assigned by a lottery designed to maximize opportunities for both employers and students. Students can be asked to bring additional application documents (transcript & writing sample) to the interview. Cover letters requests are not accepted.

Harvard Law School requires that all professionals interviewing at our events review our Recruiting Policies and Guidelines. In addition, we require that you re-affirm your commitment to the non-discrimination policy by clicking the “We accept the terms of the Harvard Law School Non-Discrimination Policy” under your personal account settings in Symplicity.

View Schedule

Interview schedules will be made available through Symplicity on Wednesday, January 24. You will receive an email notifying you when schedules are available. At that time you will be able to download the resumes of students assigned to your interview schedule(s), as well as the resumes of those students who expressed interest in your organization but were not assigned an interview (i.e. the waitlist).

To view your final schedule, please take the following steps:

  • Log in to Symplicity
  • Select [OCI] from the left side navigation
  • Select [Resume/Schedule Packets] from the drop down
  • Click [View PDF] to access your interview schedule
  • Waitlisted candidates who were not assigned an interview can be seen from the [Applicants / Waitlist] sub-tab.

Interview Logistics

Interviews will take place in Flo Recruit.

Transcripts will be available in Flo Recruit at the time of the interview. To access transcripts, please see the Flo Recruit resource center for instructions.

Additional Flo Recruit Resources:

During the interview, the fastest way to get technical assistance is for interviewers to press the blue button in the bottom right corner of their screen to speak directly with a Flo Recruit representative.

Organizations are welcome to use their own video conference platform if they prefer. Please email with your video link.

Student Documents


Resume packets will be provided along with your interview schedule on Wednesday, January 24. At that time packets can also be accessed in CSM/Symplicity.


Transcripts will be visible in Flo Recruit at the time of the interview. You may download full packets of transcripts at the end of your interview day directly from Flo Recruit. See instructions here.

Additional Documents

If you requested additional documents such as a writing sample when you registered for SIP, students will be prompted to upload the document in Flo Recruit. You will be able to access these documents at the time of the interview.