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The Library supports the sharing of student scholarship through the addition of LL.M. theses, LL.M. papers, S.J.D. dissertations, and student honors papers to its collections. In addition, the Library sponsors the HLS Student Papers repository created as part of the Law School’s open access initiative.

LL.M. Theses and Papers and S.J.D. Dissertations

A candidate for the LL.M. degree or the S.J.D. degree must send, through the Office of the Registrar, two copies of his or her thesis, paper or dissertation to the Library for addition to its collections. One copy should be on acid-free paper for the archival collection; the second copy will be added, if permitted, to the circulating collection. For more information on the submission procedure, please contact the Graduate Program Office, 5005 Wasserstein Hall (WCC), 617-496-8210.

Student Honors Papers

Each year, the Library adds to its collections student papers submitted in fulfillment of the Written Work Requirement designated by faculty as honors papers. Faculty members may send honors papers to Library Acquisitions, Langdell 152, for addition to the Library collection. Title pages of all honors papers should clearly identify the author and title of the work, the course or degree for which it was written, and the date the paper received honors or the degree was received. Each paper should be accompanied by a copyright permission form signed by the student author.

HLS Student Papers Repository

HLS Student Papers, a component of DASH, is an open access repository of student papers, law journal articles, writings and other scholarly contributions by HLS students. For information on the deposit of student papers, please contact