Episode 30: James Kerwin Part 2

Episode 30: James Kerwin Part 2

James Kerwin, Operations Director for the Program on Negotiation

In the second part of this episode, Edgar learns about James’ experience living in DC. They talk about what it was like working at Capitol Hill and the attractions the city has to offer. While he was in Washington, James learned that his father’s health was in decline, and he moved back to Cape Cod. He searched for jobs in Boston, and for a while he commuted from a Cape Cod town. As it became a long journey to get to and from work, he decided to move to Boston. He worked in a few places before applying to a job at HLS after receiving an invitation from a former boss now working at PON. They discuss his early days at PON when Bob Clark was still the Dean and his interview with Professor Bob Mnookin. They talk about old buildings where WCC sits today and his front view of the construction from his office in Pound Hall. He mentioned his interaction with HLS Dean Elena Kagan and the successful online trainings and workshops produced at PON with participants from all over the world. He compares his college years travels to what he does now in PON and where he hopes to visit more in the future.

Some fun facts about James:

-One of his favorite books is City of Bohane by Kevin Barry.
-His favorite season is autumn in New England.
-He has seen Star Wars multiple times because his brother managed the town movie theatre the summer it came out.

The goal of this podcast is to introduce folks to HLS staff members from across the community. You may recognize the names of some guests, and if you don’t, that’s okay!  We hope that you will tune in to learn more about your colleagues—what their role is, what makes them tick, and why they do the work that they do at HLS.  If you’re interested in being a guest, please let us know—we would love to hear your story. Our stories bring us together; we come from different backgrounds and serve all different roles, but our shared community at HLS unites us. Let us hear your story! 

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