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Available exclusively to 2L, 3L J.D., and S.J.D. students, the HLS Apartments at 1637 Massachusetts Avenue, 3 Mellen Street, and 5 Mellen Street are hosted by HLS Housing and provide nine-month leases that coincide with the HLS academic year.

The Harvard Law School-owned Victorian houses were converted in 2007 into student apartments. They are official Cambridge residences and are comparable to off campus apartment living.

Each room in 3 Mellen Street has a private bathroom and a shared kitchen and living area. 5 Mellen Street also has a shared kitchen and living area but bathrooms are semi-private. Depending what room you select in 1637 Massachusetts Avenue, rooms will have either a shared or private bathroom. Most apartments at 1637 Massachusetts Avenue have a shared kitchen and living area while other apartments do not offer a living area.

We encourage you to carefully review the floor plans offered below for a full understanding what is offered in each Mellen Street or Massachusetts Avenue apartment.

1637 Massachusetts Avenue

5 Mellen Street

3 Mellen Street


The HLS Apartments are official City of Cambridge residences.  They have a different cancellation policy and billing structure than rooms that are dormitory style resident halls at HLS. Once an apartment lease is selected the room swap tool is not available and your room assignment is final. Be aware of these conditions before selecting an HLS apartment lease.

Advantages to Living in the HLS Apartments

  • Most private HLS Housing option
  • Fully-furnished apartments
  • Nine-month lease based on HLS academic calendar
  • No security deposit or realtor fees
  • Private or semi-private kitchen and bathroom

HLS Apartment Room Types

Room TypeTotal Rooms*Approx. Square Footage
1637 Mass. AveSingle in a two-bedroom2723 sq. ft.
Single one-bedroom4390 sq. ft.
Single in a two-bedroom efficiency 8550-580 sq. ft.
Single large studio2456 sq. ft.
3 Mellen StreetSingle with private bathroom3160-230 sq. ft.
5 Mellen StreetLarge single3230 sq. ft.
Medium single3200-220 sq. ft.
Small Single1140 sq. ft.
*NOTE: This table provides the number of room types in each residence. It DOES NOT reflect the number of rooms that may be available.

Furnishings and Amenities of HLS Apartments

Furniture items will vary depending on apartment and room type.

  • Bedrooms
    • Full size bed and nightstand
    • Desk and chair
    • Bureau and dresser
    • Bookcase
    • Lounge chair
    • Bookshelf
  • Kitchen
    • Sink and garbage disposal
    • Apartment refrigerator (9.6 c.f.)
    • Electric stove/oven
    • Breakfast table and chairs
    • Microwave oven
  • Living Room
    • Sofa
    • Loveseat
    • Arm chair
    • Coffee table
    • Breakfast table and chairs
    • TV with cable (5 Mellen Street and 3 Mellen Street only)

1637 Massachusetts Avenue

1637 Massachusetts Avenue is the largest of the three HLS Apartments, containing 11 fully-furnished apartments of varying layouts. It has served many purposes to the University, but most recently housed the Ukrainian Research Institute.

Floor Plans

5 Mellen Street

5 Mellen Street is a Victorian period house that boasts seven fully-furnished spacious bedrooms with rich woodwork throughout and a stained glass window in the stairwell. There is a large kitchen and living room on the first floor, and a shared bathroom on each floor. It has served as the Law School’s Alumni Center and housed the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Floor Plans

3 Mellen Street

3 Mellen Street was once the Baker Hall’s carriage house and now is a full-furnished three-bedroom apartment house with spacious rooms, private bathrooms in each bedroom, and a large communal living room and kitchen.

Floor Plans

Tour HLS Apartments

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