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The HLS Apartments are three Harvard Law School-owned Victorian houses that were converted in 2007 into upscale student apartments. The HLS Apartments are official Cambridge residences, and are thus comparable in amenities to off campus apartment living.

Please note that the HLS Apartments that are listed on this page are NOT associated with the “HLS Apartment Block”, which were previously hosted by Harvard University Housing (in their Terry Terrace buildings).

The HLS Apartments at 1637 Massachusetts Avenue, 3 Mellen Street, and 5 Mellen Street are hosted by HLS Housing and include 9-month leases that coincide with the academic year. In the single-family homes at 3 and 5 Mellen, students are assigned to an individual bedroom within the house and all kitchen, living and bathroom* areas are shared with other residents.   (*3 Mellen Street bedrooms have private bathrooms for each occupant). In the apartments at 1637 Massachusetts Avenue, students are assigned to individual bedrooms and each apartment has a private kitchen and bathroom within the 1 or 2-person unit.

The following three HLS Apartment buildings have very different layouts and prices:

1637 Massachusetts Avenue

5 Mellen Street

3 Mellen Street

Please note that, because the HLS Apartments are official Cambridge residences, they have a different cancellation policy than the one pertaining to the HLS dorms. In addition, the Room Swap Tool is not available to a student who has already signed a lease for an apartment at these residences.


  • most private HLS housing option
  • proximity – only two blocks north of HLS campus
  • a housing option that has all of the amenities of off campus living combined with all of the perks of living in HLS Housing
    • 9 month lease based on academic calendar
    • fully-furnished
    • online application and room selection
    • no security deposit or realtor fees
    • all utilities included
    • private bathroom and kitchen


Please note that furniture items will vary depending on apartment type.

  • Bedrooms
    • full size bed and nightstand
    • desk and chair
    • bureau and dresser
    • bookcase
    • lounge chair
    • bookshelf
  • Kitchen
    • sink and garbage disposal
    • 9.6 cubic foot refrigerator
    • stove and oven
    • breakfast table and chairs
    • convection microwave oven
  • Living Room
    • sofa
    • loveseat
    • arm chair
    • coffee table
    • breakfast table and 2 chair
    • TV with cable (5 Mellen & 3 Mellen only)
  • Other Features
    • wireless and wired Internet access
    • limited and seasonal individual control of heating/air-conditioning

1637 Massachusetts Avenue

1637 Massachusetts Avenue is the largest of the three HLS Apartments, containing 11 fully-furnished apartments of varying layouts. It has served many purposes to the University, but most recently housed the Ukrainian Research Institute.

5 Mellen Street

5 Mellen St is a Victorian period house that boasts seven fully-furnished spacious bedrooms with rich woodwork throughout and a stained glass window in the stairwell. There is a large kitchen and living room on the first floor, and a shared bathroom on each floor. It has served as the Law School’s Alumni Center and housed the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

3 Mellen Street

3 Mellen Street was once the Baker Hall’s carriage house and now is a full-furnished three-bedroom apartment house with spacious rooms, private bathrooms in each bedroom, and a large communal living room and kitchen.