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What you need to do to successfully check out of HLS Housing

Below is information you will need to know as you make plans to move out of your HLS residence. To avoid any fees associated with improperly moving out, please read over the information carefully.

Checking out

You are NOT officially moved out of HLS Housing until:

  • your HLS residence is empty of all personal belongings
  • your HLS residence is empty of trash and recycled material
  • furniture provided by HLS is returned to its original placement in the room/suite
  • your room and mailbox keys have been properly turned in

Donation Stations

Please consider donating items that no longer serve you but are in “good” condition. Do not donate items that are broken, missing parts, defective, worn-out or unsanitary.

You will find donation boxes one week before official move out dates. Donation stations will be made available at various locations as noted below.

  • Gropius – South entrance/exit of Ames Hall and Story Hall
  • Hastings Hall – Basement lounge
  • North Hall Area – Lobby of North Hall serving North Hall, 3 & 5 Mellen Street and 1637 Massachusetts Ave

Hand Trucks

A small number of hand trucks are available in the Facilities Management Office to assist in your move out. The Facilities Management Office is located in room four, Holmes Hall. You will need to provide a photo ID to check out a hand truck.  A replacement fee of $100 may be accessed for unreturned hand trucks.

HLS Provided Furniture

All HLS provided furniture must be returned to its original location in the room/suite prior to checking out. Moving fees of $100 may be assessed if furniture is not placed as originally located.

Mail Forwarding

All residents should contact mail senders (magazine subscriptions, law firms, financial institutions) to notify them of your change of address. If you are leaving the Cambridge area, you may also want to file a change of address form with USPS.

If you are returning to HLS Housing and would like your mail forwarded for the summer, you will need to fill out the Summer Mail Forwarding Request Form located in the Housing portal.

Mini Fridges

If you have a mini fridge in your HLS residence you will not be taking/storing, you will need to empty it of food/ice and relocated it to one of the donation bin areas. You may not leave your mini fridge in your HLS residence unplugged. Removal fees may apply.

Move-out Dates

If you are unsure of your official move out date please refer to the HLS Housing Calendar. As noted in previous communications all dates are firm. You are welcome to move out any time or date before your move out deadline.

Plan your departure accordingly as exceptions cannot be made. There is a $500/per night fee for late move outs. If you need additional time in Cambridge beyond your official move out date, please consult:

Personal Belongings

Students must remove ALL personal belongings from their HLS residence. Presences of any personal belongings in an HLS residence indicates a move out is not complete.

Room & Mailbox Keys

One week before official move out dates key return envelopes will be placed in your HLS mailbox. You can also obtain a key return envelope at the HLS Mail Center, the Facilities Management Office or by each key drop off box. Return keys envelopes must clearly state your name and room number.

You may turn in your key envelopes at the following locations:

  • Gropius – Exterior west entrance of Holmes Hall.
  • Hastings Hall – Basement kitchen.
  • North Hall (serving both North and the HLS apartments) – North Hall lobby.

If you do not return your room and mailbox keys properly you may be fined a lost key fee of $450.

Improper key return includes:

  • not returning your keys at all
  • leaving your room and mailbox keys behind in your HLS residence
  • giving your keys to someone else, including your RA, to return them for you
  • dropping loose keys in the key drop box without any identification
  • placing unlabeled return key envelopes in the key drop box

Summer Storage

There are several local storage companies in the area for students to utilize for storing their belongings during the summer.

These companies are in no way affiliated with or contracted by Harvard University or Harvard Law School. This page is not an official endorsement or recommendation of these non-affiliated companies, but should be considered a resource. Harvard Law School and Harvard University are not responsible for contracts between a student and an outside company, and are not responsible for items stored in storage facilities. There are many other companies that advertise storage for students, which can be found through internet searches and on-campus advertisements.

Students are responsible for arranging storage and moving their belongings before they check out of their HLS residence. Any item left in a room after check out will be discarded and the student may be subject to fees.​

Delivery of items in storage to the student’s HLS residence is not permitted until the student has returned to campus and checked in to their HSL residence.

Trash/Recycling Removed

Students must remove all trash and recycling material from their HLS residence. Trash/recycling material should be brought to the appropriate location of your resident hall. Due to egress regulations you may NOT leave trash/recycling bags/material in the hallway outside of your HLS residence. Fees may apply if trash/recycling material is left behind in the HLS residence room or hallway.