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As is the case for most doctoral programs, pursuing the S.J.D. is an intensely individual endeavor, one that requires discipline and self-direction. To enrich this experience, the Graduate Program helps S.J.D. students form a larger academic community—both among themselves and in the framework of the larger Graduate Program and Harvard communities.

There are many opportunities for lively and serious intellectual exchange, including the S.J.D. Colloquium Series, which also enables students to fulfill the colloquium presentation degree requirement. Many S.J.D. students also teach their own workshops associated with the Graduate Program or other research programs, attracting S.J.D., LL.M., and J.D. students, graduate students from elsewhere in the University, and some faculty members. S.J.D. candidates also work as teaching assistants, research assistants, and even co-teachers with various faculty members, within the Law School and elsewhere at Harvard. Many of our students present their work at academic conferences and lecture series at a range of venues worldwide. We also offer a theory and methodology seminar and a variety of workshops on such topics as teaching techniques, dissertation writing, and the job search process.

In addition, participation in the S.J.D. program often represents an opportunity to publish. Many of our students have published portions of their dissertations and related work—in law journals, volumes of essays, and elsewhere—while still in the program.