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Applying for fellowships? You are not alone! Come work from the OPIA suite from 3-5pm on Fridays throughout the fall semester for peer support and solidarity while you write your applications. OPIA’s Director of Fellowships Judy Murciano will also be on hand to answer quick questions as they arise. Free coffee!

Many legal jobs are all about understanding, and typically avoiding, risk. So how do we, as lawyers, think about embracing risk when pursuing our own careers? Let’s talk candidly about embracing taking chances, making objective-ish judgments about when a risk is worth it, some of the practical considerations of risk-taking, and the joys and hardships of a nonlinear professional trajectory. Learn from Wasserstein Fellow Hannah Fried’s personal experience: from taking the bar exam later than my classmates (which seemed wildly risky at the time!) to working on political campaigns (with their unpredictable outcomes – and predictable period of unemployment following) to starting my own organization. Lunch provided. Please RSVP