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Student Account Examples

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Optional Stafford Loan Only Loans up to Budget Grant Recipient*
Total Financial Aid Package
Optional Stafford Loan $20,500.00 $20,500.00
Supplemental Loan $75,300.00 $2,500.00
Mandatory Base Loan (total amount) $49,000.00
Grant Amount $44,300.00
Annualized Aid Amount $20,500.00 $95,800.00 $95,800.00
Anticipated Financial Aid Scenarios
Loans $10,250.00 $47,900.00 $25,750.00
Grant $0.00 $0.00 $22,150.00
Total Anticipated Aid $10,250.00 $47,900.00 $47,900.00
Standard July  Charges
Fall Tuition $31,900.00 $31,900.00 $31,900.00
UHS $589.00 $589.00 $589.00
Student Health Insurance $1,682.00 $1,682.00 $1,682.00
Total Charges $34,171.00 $34,171.00 $34,171.00
Fall Semester Result (Total Charges – Total Anticipated Aid) $23,921.00 Payment Due $13,729.00 Credit  $13,729.00 Credit
*Grant Amount is based on student having only the mandatory student contribution of $2500 with no parent contribution


  • Bear in mind that these are general examples to give you an idea of how anticipated financial aid and your fall charges interact on your student account.
  • The anticipated aid numbers also do not account for any potential fees if you have Direct Stafford Loans or GradPLUS loans.
  • The student receiving the Optional Stafford loan only (Example 1) has not applied for any additional supplemental loan funding and will need to apply for more loans or make full payment in order to be financially cleared for fall registration.
  • The student receiving loans only (Example 2) has applied for a supplemental loan up-to-budget and is eligible for a fall cash advance check for living expenses.
  • The student receiving a grant (Example 3) is eligible for a fall cash advance check for living expenses and has elected to apply for a supplemental loan to bring them up to the set student budget of $95,800.
  • In all these examples housing/rent was not addressed. If you will be living off-campus in housing not affiliated with Harvard University, you should expect to utilize your own personal resources and/or cash advance check, if eligible, to pay off-campus rent. If you will be residing in a dormitory, your room will appear on your student account as a semester charge both in July and December. If you will be residing in Harvard Real Estate Services’ housing, your monthly rent will be billed to your student account. You must pay your rent charges on your student account each month.