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Fall 2021 – Professors Louis Kaplow, Lucian Bebchuk, Oliver Hart, Kathryn Spier, and Holger Spamann

Meetings will be Mondays from 2:00-3:30pm in Hauser 105

Please note that the October 12 session is a TUESDAY

Sept. 13:         Oren Bar-Gill (HLS), Manipulation by Mislaid Priorities

Sept. 20:         Zoë Cullen (HBS), The Equilibrium Effects of Pay Transparency

Oct. 12:           Lawrence Summers (Harvard), Rethinking How We Score Capital Gains Tax Reform

Oct. 18:           Antoinette Schoar (MIT), Blockchain Analysis of the Bitcoin Market

Oct. 25:           Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth), Kill Zone

Nov. 1:            Kathy Spier (HLS), Holding Platforms Liable

Nov. 8:            Lucian Bebchuk (HLS), The Forgotten Stakeholder

Nov. 15:          Mihir Desai (HLS/HBS), A Better Way to Measure Shareholder Returns …And Managerial Performance


For additional information, please visit the course website, or contact Molly Eskridge, 617-495-4635.