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FALL 2019 — Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays (5-6:30 PM, Hauser Hall 102)

This seminar provides students with an opportunity to engage with ongoing research in the economic analysis of law.

Sept. 3:            Cass Sunstein (HLS), Rear Visibility and Some Problems for Economic Analysis (with particular reference to experience goods)

Sept. 10:          Joseph Bankman (Stanford), Collecting the Rent: The Global Battle to Capture MNE Profits

Sept. 17:          Joshua Fischman (University of Virginia), How Many Cases are Easy?

Sept. 24:         Daniel Hemel (University of Chicago), Phaseouts

Oct. 1:             Michael Simkovic (USC), Measuring Regulation

Oct. 8:            Michal Barzuza (Virginia), Long-Term Bias [Oct. 15:  Columbus Day – No Classes]

Oct. 22:          Peter Siegelman (University of Connecticut), A New Source of Moral Hazard in Insurance Law: Parties Who Are Not Insured

Oct. 29:          Andrew Hayashi (University of Virginia), Consumer Law Myopia

Nov. 5:             Scott Hemphill (NYU), A Study of Exclusionary Coalitions: The Canadian Sugar Coalition, 1888-1889

Nov. 12:           Anup Malani (University of Chicago), Can Blockchain Solve the Hold-Up Problem in Contracts?

Nov. 19:           Steven Solomon (Berkeley), Does Revlon Matter?  An Empirical and Theoretical Study

Nov. 26:           Jacob Goldin (Stanford), Sharp Lines and Sliding Scales in Tax Law

Two evening students-only sessions will be held from 6-9 PM on Thursday, October 10 and Thursday, November 14 (location TBD).  Pizza will be served for dinner.

For those not enrolled in the seminar who need copies of a paper, please visit the course website at: Select “Syllabus” for papers and the course schedule,  or contact Molly Eskridge (, 617-495-4635)