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Before you can apply for the Rappaport Fellowship, you will need to create a Harvard Key.

To create your HarvardKey please click here.

After you create your HarvardKey, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to activate your new account. Once your HarvardKey is active you can start the application process.

For All Applicants: important things to note when filling out your application:

  1. Once You Are Logged Into The Application fill out all required fields.
  2. Request Recommendations (via “Recommendations” tab): Once you have provided name (Last, First) and contact information for your recommenders, YOU MUST CLICK “Send recommendation request” under each recommender’s entry in order for CARAT to send the notification to your recommender’s email. “Save and Next” will NOT submit your recommendation requests. Please also be sure to let your recommenders know they will receive an email from: with the subject heading of: CARAT application recommendation request for “YOUR NAME”
  1. Uploading Your Documents: All documents must be submitted in PDF format.
    No supplementary materials will be accepted.
  1. Submitting Your Application (via “Submission” tab): For Harvard applicants, enter your HUID and click “Submit”. For non-Harvard applicants, enter your new ID string and click “Submit”. (This can be found immediately above the entry field where it reads “Enter this ID (xxxxxxxx) in the signature field below.”) The date and time of your submission will be noted, and late applications will not be accepted.