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ITS provides local and networked monochrome and color print services to all faculty and staff, and public printing to students. ITS maintains a cost-effective and expeditious infrastructure to supply paper, consumables, and maintenance to the public (student and guest) multifunction device fleet.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students and HLS Affiliates

Standard Features

  • ITS supports individual and departmental, networked and local printers
  • ITS facilitates printer hardware support and repair, via external service providers
  • Convenient public printing stations for student and community use
  • ITS supports and maintains student and guest printing software client
  • Locations to add funds to student print allowances (WCC computer lab and Library 2nd floor lobby). Cash is non-refundable.

Optional Features

HLS affiliates who cannot charge to a term bill or do not have printing accounts may purchase guest printing accounts from the following locations:

  • The ITS Service Desk located in the basement of Wasserstein Hall
  • The Circulation Desk located on the second floor of the Langdell Library

Each guest account must be opened with a $1 cash minimum. Guest printing accounts expire after 60 days of inactivity. Guest accounts are non-refundable.

User Requirements

Students must know their HLS Me account username and HarvardKey password to print.  Guests must know their printing system username and password to print.

Using This Service

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All faculty and staff HLS-supported and networked computers are automatically setup to print.

Students must download the PaperCut MF Client to their personal computer to print directly to a HLS public multifunction device from their personal computer.

Get Help

Contact the ITS Service Desk

Create a ticket

Service Hours



Faculty and Staff: Departments are responsible for printer consumables (ex: paper, toner, maintenance kits, and items not covered under the service contract)

Student and affiliate pricing below is based on the cost of the hardware and software that delivers the service. This pricing is significantly lower than those available externally:

  1. Black-and-white laser output:
    • $0.05 per simplex page
    • $0.02 per duplex page
    • We recommend printing double-sided to reduce your cost
  2. Color laser output:
    • $0.25 per simplex page
    • $0.12 per duplex page
    • We recommend printing double-sided to reduce your cost

Printing costs incurred will be charged to their term bill each month during the academic year. This charge will appear on their term bill as “Printing- HLS.”

If you do not want your printing costs charged to your term bill, you can add funds to your printing account by paying with cash at one of the self-service PaperCut value loaders located in the Wasserstein student lab and the 2nd floor Library lobby. If you run out of cash in your deposit account, subsequent printing will be charged to your term bill. You will not receive any notification from the system when your print balance goes negative. It is the individuals responsibility to monitor personal print usage. You can track your balances on the PaperCut web client. Cash is non-refundable, so please budget carefully.

* For your clinical work, only print to printers located in the clinics which are free.