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Fall 2024 Course

The Comparative Law Workshop

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites and the instructors welcome students with an interest in comparative legal study but no prior engagement with legal systems outside the United States. They also welcome students with an interest in legal academia.

Exam Type: No Exam
Students will do 4 short response papers critiquing work-in-progress to be presented by leading comparative law scholars, as well as scholars earlier in their career.

This workshop will engage key questions in comparative law, using as focal points the study of African and Chinese and other Asian legal systems (including Islamic law), and legal history. Students will read examples of influential scholarship in each field both for their importance and as a vehicle for thinking about methodological issues in comparative work in general.  Students will also have the opportunity to engage several leading  scholars in each field, as well as scholars earlier in their career, who will present works-in-progress. Students considering taking the Workshop should attend the first class even if not formally enrolled.

Please consult Professors Alford or Fofana with any questions you may have.