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Fall 2024 Course

Sex Equality

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: Any Day Take-Home (open book), or 3 short papers throughout the term for lottery-selected group of students who apply.

The relation between sex equality under law and sex and gender inequality in society is interrogated in theory and practice in the context of relevant social science, history, and international and comparative law. Mainstream equality doctrine is probed on its own terms and through an alternative. Cases largely on U.S. law focusing on concrete issues–including work, family, rape, sexual harassment, lesbian and gay rights, abortion, prostitution, pornography–structure the inquiry. Race, economic class, and transgender issues are mainstreamed. The purpose of the course is to understand, criticize, and expand the law toward sex and gender equality, including between women and men, as well as to expand the equality paradigm.

Note: This course will meet from September 3 to October 21, 2025.