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Fall 2021 Clinic

Religious Freedom Clinic

Enrollment in this clinic will fulfill the HLS JD pro bono requirement.

Required Class Component: Religious Freedom Clinic Seminar (2 fall classroom credits). The clinic and its classroom component are bundled; your enrollment in the clinic will automatically enroll you in the required seminar.
Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: None.
By Permission: Yes. Applications from JD students are due by June 4, 2021.
Add/Drop Deadline: August 13, 2021.
LL.M. Students: LLM students may apply to the clinic through the LLM General Clinic Application.
Placement Site: HLS.

This clinic provides students a hands-on, supervised experience representing a diverse group of clients in legal matters raising First Amendment and religious liberty issues. As a pro bono program dedicated to building bridges in service to those in need, the clinic focuses on representing members of minority faiths, the vulnerable, and those who serve or support them in our pluralistic society. This includes helping the imprisoned, victims of workplace discrimination, and those facing obstacles in ministering to migrants, the poor, and their communities.

Application Process:
Admission to the Religious Freedom Clinic is by permission of the clinic director, Josh McDaniel. Interested students should submit an application to by June 4, 2021. The application should include a resume (with expected graduation date) and a statement of interest of no more than one page describing the student’s reasons for applying to the clinic.