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Fall 2023 Reading Group

Private Equity: Practice and Policy

Prerequisite: None

Exam Type: No Exam

This Reading Group will provide students with an overview of private equity and explore various policy implications associated with the growth of private equity firms and transactions. The Reading Group will utilize a case study based on an actual private equity transaction in order to place students in the role of a private equity firm considering the acquisition of a portfolio company and later selling that same business. The case will be used over the course of the Reading Group to introduce the practice of private equity, examine common legal issues which arise in the course of private equity transactions, practice valuation techniques in a realistic scenario, explore a typical purchase agreement, and delve into the policy implications of the growth of private equity. We will be joined by guests with deep private equity expertise and experience.

Note: This reading group will meet over three weeks on the following dates: 9/11, 9/12, 10/23, 10/24, 11/13, and 11/14