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Spring 2022 Seminar

Legal Profession Seminar

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam
Students are required to write short response papers (around 2-pages) for each session, actively participate in the discussion, and to write a 10-page final paper on a topic relating to one of the seminar’s themes.

This seminar examines the changing nature of the legal profession. We will do so by engaging with leading academics and practitioners in a broad range of disciplines and settings who will present and discuss their work on cutting edge issues that are reshaping the profession and legal careers. Among the topics that the seminar will address are how globalization is reshaping the market for legal services particularly in Africa and other emerging economies, technology and other “disruptive innovations” in the market for legal services, diversity and inclusion in legal practice and legal education, new approaches to access to justice and professional development, and redesigning law schools and the workplace. Structured akin to a reading group, each session will revolve around an original piece of research on the legal profession relating to one of the themes.

Note: This seminar will not satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement.