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Bryon Fong

Lecturer on Law

Spring 2025

Bryon Fong
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Bryon Fong is the executive and research director at the Center on the Legal Profession at Harvard University. At the Center, he manages the Center’s flagship Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies research project as well as is responsible for the framing, execution, and analysis of the Center’s other core research activities. He is the managing editor of the Center’s digital magazine The Practice. He co-edits the Center’s Research Paper Series with David B. Wilkins and manages the Legal Profession Reading Group. He is a co-author (with David B. Wilkins and Ronit Dinovitzer) of The Women and Men of Harvard Law School: Preliminary Results from the HLS Career Study. He has taught a course at the London School of Economics & Political Science on theories of nationalism. Previously he served as the senior legislative correspondent for Joseph R. Biden while he was in the Senate, handling judiciary issues, foreign affairs, and health policy.