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Spring 2021 Course

Investments Workshop: Public and Private Equity

Prerequisites: Sound understanding of financial statements and valuation topics/models. Admission is by permission only and interested students should send a resume and a cover letter to the instructor at In the cover letter interested students should explain why they want to take the class and outline their experience with financial statements, valuation and modeling. The deadline for HLS students to apply is January 15, 2021. Cross-registrants are encouraged to apply; the deadline for doing so is January 20, 2021.

Exam Type: No Exam

This class (designed as a workshop) is intended for students who want to deepen and expand their knowledge of applied finance topics and concepts with a focus on equity investments in public and private markets. Students will explore these topics through case studies where they are asked to analyze potential investments using hedge fund and private equity tools and strategies. These case studies will span across different industries (e.g. technology/internet, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, industrials, etc.) and different geographies (developed and emerging markets). However, the primary focus will be the US. After learning various investment methodologies in the first part of the course, students (working in teams of two) will be required to independently develop (with inputs and feedback from the instructor) and pitch two investment theses/ideas in their industry of choice. That investment thesis will be thoroughly discussed (and challenged) in class. Active class participation is required.