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Fall 2024 Seminar

Environmental Law and Policy Clinical Seminar

To learn more about the Clinical Curriculum and Registration, please visit our Clinical Registration Center. You can also find more information on How to Register for Clinics and How Clinical Credits Work.

For more information about this clinic, please visit the Clinic Website, Clinic Q&A and OCP Blog Highlights.

Required Clinic Component: Environmental Law and Policy Clinic (4-5 fall clinical credits). This clinic and course are bundled; your enrollment in the clinic will automatically enroll you in this required course.

Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: None.

By Permission: No.

Add/Drop Deadline: August 23, 2024.

LLM Students: LLM students may enroll in this clinic through Helios.
Placement Site: HLS.

This course teaches skills and strategies for practicing environmental law as a supplement to enrollment in the Emmett Environmental Law & Policy Clinic.  The class examines and works through legal mechanisms for identifying and addressing environmental liabilities in transactions, e.g., the sale of real estate or corporate shares.  Students will practice skills such as: parsing and applying statutes and regulations; drafting contract language; interpreting and evaluating environmental assessment reports; issue spotting; and advising clients.  These skills are relevant to a wide array of legal work—not just transactional matters.  Some learning of environmental laws will be necessary, but mastering black letter law is not the focus of the course. The course is practical, hands-on and participatory. Students will develop and apply skills through class discussions, in-class and written exercises.