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Spring 2024 Course


Prerequisites: None

Exam Type One-Day Take-Home

This course provides, among other things, an introduction to the law of business organizations. It surveys the role of legal controls on business organizations with emphasis on the control of managers in publicly held corporations. Paying special attention to the relationship between power, inequality, and legitimacy, this course will take a highly critical and systemic view of corporate law and corporations. We will be at least as concerned with identifying the deep causes and harmful consequences of corporate law and corporate power as we will be with the details of corporate law doctrine itself. Students seeking a more doctrine-centric course on the law of corporations are encouraged to consider taking a more conventional business law course.

Cross-registrants are encouraged to apply.

In lieu of an exam, students will have the option to write a paper (in the form of long-form journalism) for potential publication in the online magazine, The [F]law. The specific details regarding that option will be described during the first week of class.