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Fall 2024 Course

Comparative Corporate Governance

Prerequisite: None

Exam Type: Any-Day Take-Home

Students will have the option to write a paper in lieu of the exam.

The business corporation is a central institution in the modern capitalist economy. There are, however, considerable differences in the ways corporations are owned, controlled, and governed around the world. This course compares the corporate laws and governance arrangements of key jurisdictions. We will explore the root causes of the observed divergences in corporate governance, as well as their implications for the organization of the economy and society. The themes covered include the distribution of power among shareholders, boards of directors, and management; the protection afforded to minority shareholders, employees, and external constituencies; the complementarities between corporate governance systems and the prevailing economic and social structure; the distinctive features of state-owned enterprises; the influence of globalization and nationalism on corporate governance practices; and the ESG and climate risk agenda. The course will enable students to engage critically with key debates in contemporary corporate governance and provide relevant background for those interested in cross-border legal work.