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Spring 2025 Course

Applied Quantitative Analysis

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis or permission of the instructor. This class can be taken as part of the HLS empirical track.

Exam Type: No Exam

Intended as a continuation of the Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis, this course focuses on developing the theoretical basis and practical application of advanced multivariate techniques and interpreting and presenting statistical results and their implications. Topics include multivariate linear and nonlinear regression, binomial and multinomial logistic regression, ordinal and nominal logit analysis, hazard and survival models. This is an applied class, providing students an opportunity to practice with hands-on examples involving the analysis of real data. The emphasis of the course will be on the conceptual understanding, application and interpretation of the methods and results, as opposed to the mathematical proofs underpinning the models. Students will use the Stata statistical software.

The course will culminate with an empirical paper where you will get an opportunity to apply the covered methods. Two options will be provided to the students for their final paper: (1) an empirical paper on a topic of your interest or (2) a replication paper. There is a growing awareness of the importance of replication in the empirical legal field. Producing or reproducing an empirical work will give students an opportunity to learn the methods used, data wrangling, or challenges and solutions that researchers encounter producing empirical work. Students who are replicating will be required to extend the study either by proposing or implementing a change to the original study through use of additional variables, different time periods/techniques/robustness checks, etc.