Office of Senate Counsel Internship Position Description 


The Office of Senate Counsel is responsible for a variety of legislative and legal matters for the Senate and individual Senators, serving as the chamber’s in-house counsel. The office’s most crucial responsibility is “third reading” every bill and amendment considered by the Senate to ensure that it is constitutional, properly drafted and effectuates its intent. Other duties of the office include offering legal advice on pending legislation, providing guidance on ethics and employment matters and reviewing contracts.  


Legal interns with the office will work on a wide variety of legislative and legal matters, with a primary focus on analyzing legislation and researching issues of federal and state constitutional and statutory law. In the past, legal interns have assisted the office with issues in areas including health care, criminal justice reform, transportation, gaming and energy. Interns may also be asked to remotely attend Senate debate, committee hearings and other events, briefings and presentations of interest to the office.   


The office is seeking interns for Spring 2022. The internship will run from January 24, 2022 until mid-April. The details of the schedule will be worked out upon acceptance of the position. Due to the ongoing public health emergency, this internship will be fully remote. Interested students should send a cover letter, resume and writing sample to Senate Counsel at