Opportunities for law students
The Liberty Justice Center offers a rich educational opportunity for law students to contribute to a cutting-edge public interest law firm. The Liberty Justice Center is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest litigation center that represents clients at no charge. We are litigating in more than two dozen states to protect the Constitution and America’s founding principles. Our litigation focuses on workers’ rights, specifically related to our victory in the 2018 U.S. Supreme
Court case Janus v. AFSCME, educational opportunity, free speech and economic liberty. The Liberty Justice Center is not your typical public interest law firm; we focus only on precedent-setting work, and take on only specific types of cases that we believe will achieve the most good for everyday Americans.

Liberty Justice Center interns play an important role on the team. From day one, they will report to an experienced constitutional litigator and be assigned work from our portfolio of unique cases. Interns engage in intensive legal research, legal writing, review information from prospective and current clients, prepare correspondence on behalf of the firm, and may be called upon to perform investigative and discovery work as well as participate in other litigation duties. Legal interns will gain insight and experience into the day-to-day operations of a public interest law firm, and learn what differentiates this type of law practice from other fields. Best of all, they will have the opportunity to work on a high-achieving team motivated by a shared belief in protecting Americans’ Constitutional rights in some of the most important and interesting cases in the country.

Successful applicants have a strong work ethic and the drive and willingness to put in the work to get the job done. They share a commitment to classical liberal principles, including individual liberty, limited government and the free-market.

Intern work schedules will be determined on an individual basis to accommodate academic obligations. Liberty Justice Center interns are paid $20/hour or may receive class credit. Interns can work from our Chicago office or remotely.

Fall semester internship applications are due by August 15, 2022. Spring semester internship applications are due by December 15, 2022.

To apply for an internship opportunity, please email a cover letter, resume, academic transcript, and two legal writing samples to Morgan Bowles at morgan@libertyjusticecenter.org. Your cover letter should state your law school year, and why you would be a great addition to the Liberty Justice Center team.