It’s been an eventful week in our office, to put it mildly. With our first batch of decisions out, I thought it might be helpful for us to update our expectations for the 2023 Application Cycle Timeline.

As you may know, we have released admit dates for the coming cycle each summer since 2019. We haven’t previously published our expected dates for waitlist and deny decisions. Why not? Well, those can be variable and depend on the cadence of applicant submissions as well as workflow and personpower on our team. We wouldn’t want to publish dates unless we’re confident we can stick by them.

It’s January now, with our February 20 application deadline right around the corner. We have a good sense of the weeks ahead. Here’s what we expect:

January 10: First Round of Acceptances

January 11: First Round of Deny Decisions

February 14: Second Round of Acceptances

February 15: Second Round of Deny Decisions, First Round of Waitlist Decisions

February 20: J.D. Application Closes

March 20: Third Round of Acceptances, Third Round of Deny Decisions, Second Round of Waitlist Decisions

Late March/Early April: Remaining Decision Release (Ongoing)

May 1: Deadline to Respond to Offer of Admission or to Waitlist Offer

As indicated above, we intend to release as many decisions as possible by March 20. For applications that are completed late, however, there may be some decisions remaining after that date.

Best of luck to those still working on their applications. We never take the honor of reading your applications for granted.

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