Like a good New England team, we closed out this week with a Yankee swap gift exchange. The most coveted prize? Definitely not the hand lotion – it was the Taylor Swift 2022 calendar.

Yes, we have a few Swifties in the office. But I think the prospect of 2022 itself got us excited. As much fun as it is to read and interview in December, it’s even more fun to begin admitting in January. We love watching our class take shape, and introducing them to one another.

As a once-upon-a-time January admit myself, I remember all too well the anticipation of law school acceptances rolling out in the new year. Try, if you can, to put aside the wondering for the next few weeks. Enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, enjoy some food. When your mind drifts back to December 2021, let there be more memories than refreshing a status checker.

For our part, our office will be closed from this afternoon until Monday, January 3rd. When we return, we will have plenty of emails to respond to, files to comp, and applications to read. Thank you in advance for your patience – that first week of January is always a whirlwind.

Until then, have a wonderful winter!

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