NOTE: We published an update to the below 2023 cycle timeline in January 2023.

When summer rolls around, an admission dean’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of beautiful New England beaches. And the upcoming admissions cycle, obviously.

For the past four years, we have announced our timeline for decision dates in advance of the cycle. We hope it will help applicants plan for the coming year, and alleviate at least some of the stress inherent in the process.

Here is our expected timeline for the 2022–2023 regular J.D. application cycle:

September 20: J.D. Application Opens

Week of November 7: Interviews Begin

January 10: First Round of Acceptances

February 14: Second Round of Acceptances

February 20: J.D. Application Closes

March 20: Third Round of Acceptances

May 1: Deadline to Respond to Offer of Admission

You will notice that this looks a lot like last year’s cycle timeline, though we’ve moved up the application close date just a bit. As in the past two years, we will not release any decisions before January 2023. We hope this provides our applicants the space they need to put together their very best applications without feeling the pressure to “apply early” for the sake of it.

Ever since we started publishing our decision timeline in 2019, we’ve always done our very best to stick with the announced dates. If anything shifts, we will let you know on this blog (as we’ve done in the past).

We can’t wait to review your applications this year. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer and say hello if you see me down the Cape.

~ Dean Jobson

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