One of the most valuable organizations I have been involved in during my time at HLS has been the Harvard Association for Law & Business, a dynamic student organization that provides a forum for students to pursue interests in business within and outside of law. This is accomplished through diverse speaker series, networking events, and recruiting opportunities in a wide variety of sectors.

HALB has an impressive catalog of featured speakers that have included Mark Cuban, Rich Paul, Stephen Schwarzman, Larry Summers, and Tony West, among others. Hosting speaker events with top business leaders and executives spanning multiple industries is an excellent way to build relationships in fields you are interested in, and hosting a successful event can result in the creation of opportunities that will propel your professional development and post-graduation employment opportunities.

During my time at HLS, I have been able to organize interactive Q&A sessions with top executives from companies such as LVMH, Fendi, Paradigm Sports, BSE Global, Bridgewater Associates, and CalPERS. Each of these sessions has resulted in a multitude of opportunities and mentorship for students.

Another hallmark of HALB is the annual International Trek during spring break, during when a cohort of HALB students travel across the globe with the intention of adopting global perspectives and exploring international employment and sponsorship opportunities in the fields of law and business. During last year’s trip to London, we witnessed a range of global business through visits to companies such as Unilever, Moet Hennessey, Silicon Valley Bank, Morgan Stanley, Patron Capital, our trek sponsor DLA Piper, and even government entities such as the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. These visits included meetings with chief legal officers, managing directors, and law firm partners spanning these international conglomerates, and trek attendees were able to note the vast synergies between the United States and the globe.

Besides the substantive networking and employment opportunities that manifest from our international treks, the exploration of diverse cultures and languages enables students to adopt global perspectives and best practices. This exploration of culture is not just limited to company visits. Students have had ample opportunities in past years to explore their travel city’s nightlife and cuisines. You can read about previous International Treks to Japan and China as well. I am excited to announce Dubai as our next location for the upcoming 2024 International Trek!

Besides our annual marquee events and board retreats, HALB’s weekly programming in areas such as law, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, management consulting, and investment banking showcase the diversity of business interests at Harvard Law and the various avenues to achieve one’s professional ambitions. In addition, the multitude of law firm sponsors spanning both coasts ensures that HALB members have an advantage in building relationships for 1L/2L summer associate opportunities at their preferred law firms and locations.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to join HALB is the community. Its well-knit board ensures a vast array of social gatherings, fun retreats, and small group dinners that will alleviate academic stress and make your law school experience one to remember.

I highly recommend both current and prospective students to join the Harvard Association for Law & Business, and you can email me at if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

–Saeed Ahmad ’24

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