When we tell you that the 1L section experience at Harvard Law School can be transformative, we’re usually talking about the intellectual engagement and the joy of getting to know seventy-nine incredible classmates.

But apparently the first-year section experience at HLS can be transformative in other ways as well, judging by two recent features in The New York Times.

Section Six was up first, with a feature on three married couples from the same section.  Their section leader, Professor Jon Hanson, even acted as the officiant for one of the couples.  You can check out that article here.

But Section Three from the Class of 1979 upped the stakes in a recent feature, with a grand total of six married couples from the same section . . . all of whom are still married.  You can read that feature on the “Love Section” here.  A special shout-out to Professor Richard Lazarus, who teaches environmental law here at HLS. Chief Justice Roberts even makes an appearance.

For my part, I have been to quite a few Harvard Law School weddings where one of my sectionmates marries a fellow HLS classmate.  But no Section Four, Class of 2012 marriages within the section (yet).

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