Travel season is coming to a close, and we are all experiencing mixed emotions in the J.D. Admissions Office. On the one hand, it will be nice to have the full team in the office together – we haven’t had everyone onsite since September. On the other hand, we will miss the fun of exploring new places and meeting you out on the road.

Collectively, six team members visited eighty-two campuses in twenty-five states this year, from sea to shining sea. Highlights included our first trips ever to the Pacific Northwest, Louisiana, and Minnesota. We also hosted receptions with alumni in Los Angeles and Houston, and met you at eight law fairs and conferences. Check out our recruitment travel pictures on Instagram (search for #HLSontheRoad).

A huge shout-out to Patty and Ralph, our team members who schedule our events, ship the brochures, and make sure we arrive with enough pens and flash drives to troubleshoot any snafu.

Without further ado, the 2019 Admissions Travel Awards:

  • Top Encounter with a Celebrity: Matthew McConaughey at The University of Texas at Austin (Lucas)
  • Top Encounter with Flora or Fauna: Joy and Lady, the bears at Baylor University (Lucas)
  • Most Interesting Speaking Location: Pauley Pavilion at UCLA (Kristi)
  • Best Food: Gumbo in New Orleans (Nefyn)
  • Best Campus Walk: Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Memorial Chapel at University of Pittsburgh (Odeviz)
  • Top Campus Mascot: Georgia Tech’s Yellow Jackets (Monique)
  • Best Way to Get to an Event: San Francisco Cable Cars (Courtney)

We’ve got a few events left – check out our HLS on the Road website to see if we’re coming to a location near you. There are still a few online sessions left this year if you’d like to learn more about HLS from our students. We think HLS students are pretty spectacular (but perhaps we’re biased – we did admit them, after all).

And now, we hunker down in Austin Hall to read applications, interview candidates, and prepare to begin the first round of admissions for the 2019–2020 cycle. No snow yet in Cambridge, but it is bound to come soon. We’re lucky to have three fireplaces in our office suite – very comfy, even with a YouTube fire. We look forward to snuggling up with a hot chocolate and your application very soon.

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