Spending most of my life in Montana, I was a bit nervous about finding community at HLS, since it is one of the largest law schools in the country, with 560 incoming students each year. However, I have found that the size of HLS is a strength that has allowed me to be a whole person, not just a law student.

1L Sections

The first community I encountered was that of Section 6. For those who are not familiar, each entering HLS class is divided into seven sections. I like to think of them as Hogwarts houses. As an introvert, I was worried that even in a class of 80 people, I would struggle to be comfortable. However, I found myself thriving in this group of kind, open, curious, and inclusive people. Our section fostered traditions, like Twixxing (Section 6 twinning), and showed up for each other when people were struggling. Our section leader also made a point to develop “intergenerational” 6er comradery. Each class of Section 6ers names themselves (usually with some play on words involving Torts). My class named itself the Tort Authority; previous names include Triceratorts and Poptorts. This was a fun way to connect with Section 6ers in the upper classes who returned to visit.

Student Organizations and More!

The next community I discovered was Scales of Justice, Harvard Law School’s best (and only) a capella group. I had been a music performer since the second grade when I joined my local Grandstreet Theatre. (Fun fact, the education director at the theatre, Marianne Adams, was nominated for a Tony Award a few years ago.) In college, I continued prioritizing music in my life by joining the Zootown Cabaret, a performing ensemble. (Another fun fact, two of the people I performed with in Cabaret now live in Cambridge, 20 minutes away from the law school.) I wanted to continue prioritizing my love of music and was honored to be selected to join the Scales of Justice. This group also gave me a great opportunity to meet people outside my section and to connect with 2Ls and 3Ls. I even learned that one of the members was a former Section 6er (a Poptort). This fall semester, we had two performances, and I loved using music and the community that comes with it to de-stress from my law school studies. One of my favorite moments was when my two communities collided: a handful of Section 6ers came to our final Scales of Justice concert of the semester.

I have continued to build community through other activities, such as joining the HLS Advocates for Human Rights, the Women’s Law Association, and the HLS Soccer Club.

I have learned the size of HLS is not something to be afraid of; instead, it is something to embrace and enjoy. I know that there is a place for everyone, including you, at Harvard Law.

–Isabelle Melton ’26

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