Harvard Law School’s location right in the heart of Harvard Square definitely has its benefits. The constant rotation of food trucks, new restaurants, and innovative menu offering provide a dizzying number of meal options for any time of the day. We asked a few members of the HLS community to share their favorite lunch spots near campus.

Richard Lazarus ’79

Montrose Spa – A fabulous family-owned and run mini-mart only a block from the law school.  Great sandwiches at low prices. Owner has been featured in many law school classroom hypotheticals over the years.”

Larry Tribe ’66

Changsho is a great place to go for lunch. It’s just a short walk up Mass Ave and has a terrific buffet – quite yummy; huge variety; more than anybody can possibly eat (you can go back for seconds, thirds, and so on ad infinitum); very reasonably priced; with ample, comfortable seating and plenty of space so you’re not crunched up against other customers and can easily have a conversation without being overheard or taking in TMI from nearby eaters; tables for as few as two or as many as ten; a full bar; and a very pleasant and helpful wait staff.”

Ope Adebanjo ’20

Oggi Gourmet is a great spot with delicious breakfast and lunch sandwiches that’s centrally located near the university campus center.”

Josh Mathew ’19

“Due to my New Jersey roots, I regularly hanker for chicken parm sandwiches from The Half-Shell on Mass Ave. Their bread is really soft and tasty, the portions are huge, and my cholesterol does not forgive me.”

Courtney McMann, J.D. Admissions

Flour Bakery + Cafe is a Boston gem and I cheered the day owner (and Harvard grad) Joanne Chang announced she was opening a location in Harvard Square. Their motto is “make life sweet…eat dessert first” – and while I love their tasty sandwiches, I’ll fully admit I’m usually lured in by the prospect of a sticky bun. Pro tip: ask for it warm.”

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