Mark Weber, OCS

My go to place for dinner is Kirkland Tap and Trotter in Somerville. It’s about a ten-minute walk from HLS. KT&T has a great vibe, wonderful beer selection, and fantastic menu. The chicken and burgers are amazing.

Edgar Filho, DOS

Head to Assembly Row in Somerville – you can grab a coffee (and Brazilian pastel) or Spanish food at Style Cafe, go to a movie, go shopping, or walk by the Mystic River all in one place.

Jennifer Allen, HLS Library

Antonio’s – near the Charles/MGH T stop on the redline, which is in Boston but only three stops away from Harvard Square. We love their delicious food and generous portions. Plus, we enjoy talking to the people who work there, who are definitely old-school Boston! You do not have to go all the way to the North End for great Italian food.

Deborah Anker, Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic

A wonderful elegant vegan restaurant (I am a newish convert, and only about 80% vegan) is True Bistro in Teele Square, Somerville. Gourmet food…and all safely vegan. Even my very carnivore son loved it (“I can’t believe this is vegan cheesecake.”).

Sam Parker, DOS

Mix-It is a local HLS hotspot. Mix-It’s menu offers a wide variety of Asian dishes including ramen, Thai curry, sushi, and more, and it is only a five-minute walk from campus!

Mark Jefferson, DOS

La Fabrica Central. Think Spanish Caribbean cuisine. Then go. You are welcome.

Glenn Cohen ‘03

I think the best place for a fun drink/dinner is Yvonne’s near Downtown Crossing. It’s designed to resemble a speakeasy. Enter through the fake beauty parlor.

Ope Adebanjo ‘20

Suya Joint in Roxbury is a great West African restaurant that serves food that tastes just like home. Rod Dee in Porter Square is my favorite spot for delicious Thai food close to campus.

Sydney Hood ‘21

There are so many to choose from in the area, but my favorite restaurant at the moment is Temple Bar. It’s very near the law school and has a warm, cozy ambiance. A perfect combination for chilly winter nights!

Zach Gray ‘19

If you want a cozy, no-frills meal at a family run restaurant, Zoe’s Chinese Restaurant is for you!

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