The fall is a special time for the J.D. Admissions Office. Aside from welcoming Harvard Law School students to campus, autumn is the time when we connect with future law students seeking to learn more about all that HLS has to offer. We thought we would take this chance to preview our upcoming recruitment activities, which will once again be entirely virtual. For those interested in having the J.D. Admissions office join your group, school, or organization for an open Q&A on the admissions process, we’d also like to share details on how to get in touch.

Virtual events

Admissions Q&A: Join one of our live Q&A sessions. These events offer the chance to have your questions answered directly by those who read your applications (that’s us!). To ensure we are able to respond to as many questions as possible, and for a broad overview of HLS and the admissions process, we recommend that participants view our soon-to-be-released recorded information session prior to joining a Q&A event.

Small Group Q&As: We are pleased to consider requests to connect directly with your university, club, society, or organization via a small group virtual Q&A session. Before submitting a request to schedule a small group Q&A, please consider joining one of our our regularly-scheduled, public admissions Q&A sessions, which will mirror these small group sessions in format and content. For more information, please see this webpage.

Student Series: Interested in hearing directly from HLS current students about their experiences? We’ll be posting more details about these events as we get closer to the fall.

Forums and Conferences: Each fall, we join various organizations for events catered to law school applicants across communities. Check out our Connect with Admissions page for a continually updated list of conferences we’ll be attending this year (more to come soon!).

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