To our first batch of admitted students for the HLS Class of 2023 – congratulations! You are a truly impressive group. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you on paper and via video chat over these past weeks, and we’re looking forward to corresponding more directly over the coming months as you prepare to join us here at Harvard Law School. Keep an eye out for plenty of emails from us and others at HLS in the new year.

There’s a long way to go before we welcome the rest of the Class of 2023. With two more decision release dates in the spring, we will read thousands of files, interview hundreds of promising applicants, and spend dozens of hours deliberating and discussing within the Admissions Committee before we close the books on this cycle. Look out for the next round of interview invitations on January 9th or so.

To those of you who did not hear from us today – rest assured you are still under consideration. To those of you who have still not yet applied – keep in mind our final deadline next February. We can’t wait to read your stories soon.

KJ (and the J.D. Admissions team)

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