Richard Lazarus ’79

The Langdell Library Reading Room was my favorite spot as a student here and is still my favorite on-campus spot today. It’s a great place to read, with huge windows, and to soak in the history of the law school. Portraits of famous alums line the walls, peering down at you.

Matthew Farrell ’21

My favorite place to study on campus is Pound Hall on a clear day. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of light and it can make even a chilly winter’s day feel like a sunny summer afternoon!

Ope Adebanjo ’20

The study rooms in Wasserstein are my favorite places to study on campus. With the large, bright windows, proximity to the Hark Cafe, and my friends passing by on their way to class, I find it to be the best place to study after class.

When I’m not on campus, I actually really enjoy studying in my room, which is about a 15 minute walk from campus. I have a desk dedicated to getting work done, with relaxing desk plants and inspiring messages like “You Got This” to remind me to take breaks and stay positive.

Andrew Skaras ’20

The Widener Library Stacks – tucked outside the shelves are carrels that line the windows. As a grad student, you can reserve one and store your snacks and slippers in a locked cabinet. It’s always quiet, and I love being able to escape to a library where I can come and go without running into anyone I know.

Sabri Siraj ’21

I love the Smith Center in Harvard Square. It is a nice walk away from the law school bubble, has some great places to grab food/coffee, and is a place to study, relax, or hang out!

Josh Mathew ’19

As a Harvard law student, I have access to all of the university’s libraries, so I like to switch it up between the Fine Arts and Widener Libraries. If I have an eight-hour take home exam, I can go to Cabot Library, which is open 24 hours a day, and hit “submit” before 4 pm.

Mitchell Santos ’20

Bourbon Coffee! Bourbon is far enough from the law school to escape from the everyday routine, but close enough to be a quick 10-minute walk away.

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